[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2272: incorrect titlein mythweb display

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Tue Aug 29 23:08:57 UTC 2006

>> On Tue, 2006-08-29 at 16:53 -0400, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>> On 08/29/2006 03:33 PM, MythTV wrote:
>>>>  #2272: incorrect title in mythweb display
>>>>  The wrong title shows up for shows that appear in the timeslot of a
>>>>  previuosly recorded show. For example, the tv show '24' was in the
>>>>  Monday 8pm timeslot on FOX. The show is scheduled to be recorded in
>>>>  that timeslot each week.
>>>>  '24' is over and has been replaced by 'Vanished'. The mythweb
>>>>  interface now shows the description and other details for Vanished
>>>>  but shows 24 as the title on the web page.
>>>>  I have a patch to fix this. It's been attached. It is more of a hack
>>>>  than a patch.
>>>>  It's hard to explain the real issue... it only shows up when a
>>>>  previous show in the timeslot was set up to be recoded and now a new
>>>>  show is listed in it's timeslot.....
>>> This sounds like the behavior discussed in the thread at
>>> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/219820#219820 .  The
>>> OP in that thread never confirmed what he meant by, "the guide in
>>> Mythweb," and the main dev for MythWeb (Chris Petersen/a.k.a. xris)
>>> hasn't confirmed whether the current behavior is desired or whether we
>>> have an "unimplemented feature" (i.e. a note/popup indicating the
>>> rsNotListed status of a scheduled recording on top of the program
>>> listing showing the show that's actually being broadcast in the 
>>> timeslot).
>> I'm not sure how to append to that post....
> Without the original, you'd need the Message-id so you could manually
> add an In-reply-to header, but unfortunately, the archive doesn't show
> the Message-id's (which typically contain e-mail addresses, so they
> would have to be obscured in an image if they were shown) and most users
> don't know their mail clients/MIME well enough to use the info,
> anyway...  So, a new post works well enough.  :)
>> I think in that post, they are talking about the mythweb 'upcoming
>> recordings'.
> Bruce definitely was talking about Upcoming Recordings, but I think
> Robin may have been talking about the MythWeb listings.
>> I'm talking about the mythweb/tv/list page.
> Right, the listings page.
>> This page should give you a 'what's on tv tonight' type page. It does...
>> but the show titles are incorrect..... last night for example... the page 
>> showd
>> that 24 was on at 8pm last night on fox... it was actually 'vanished'.
> Actually, it showed that you had scheduled a recording of 24 that was
> not airing.  Again, Chris Petersen will have to say whether it's working
> as he thinks it should or someone will have to write a patch (to provide
> both pieces of information--i.e. with the "note" icon I mentioned or
> something) and post it to Trac.
> Chris should respond to your Trac ticket, but may do so with, "feature
> request without a patch."  If so, you just need to make/convince someone
> to make a patch.  :)
>> The mysql database listed Vanished as the show title. The sql query that
>> the programs.php sql query returned 'vanished' but the code then decided 
>> to
>> display the title '24' instead.
> Right, it probably just put 24 on top of Vanished, so you couldn't see
> Vanished.

Ive noticed this too. only 1 instance so far.
I did some examining of the database and the title replacement wasnt in the 
programs table.
so what was presented was
title : old
subtit : new
desc : new
duration : old
very strange. didnt get any further than that.

no instance of old program in program table or in the guide xml file which 
fill processed.

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