[mythtv] More scheduling scheduler

Colin Humphreys ch at encypher.net
Tue Aug 29 01:24:18 UTC 2006

Martin Ebourne wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Aug 2006 10:17:59 +1000, Colin Humphreys wrote:
>> I'm having a bit of trouble following all the posts. I'm 
>> already running trunk rev 10935, how far away is the softpad branch from 
>> that?
> I've been running the softpad changes patched into svn trunk ever since it
> was first developed (I did post at the time as well). I think there's only
> a couple of minor conflicts I've had to resolve with recent versions.

Right. I had a bit more of a play with this stuff. The svn merge went 
pretty fine except for a tiny conflict in ./libs/libmythtv/programinfo.cpp

and a bit of code in Scheduler::MoveHigherRecords(void) in 

if (TryAnotherShowing(p))

TryAnotherShowing is:

bool Scheduler::TryAnotherShowing(ProgramInfo *p, bool allowmoves)

> It has been working very well for me and I was hoping it would make it in
> for 0.20, though it looks like that won't happen now. I had 
> assumed it had gone quiet because David was busy, if there's any other
> reason I'd like to know why, I find the feature is very useful and works
> well.

mythweb needed the mythwebsoft3.patch patch from 
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/dev/200306#200306 to run. I 
also tried out the soft3complete-partial.patch.gz from that same post 
for partial padding.

Seems to work quite well.

With SchedSoftStart set to 2 and SchedSoftEnd set to 15, the only thing 
in my upcoming recordings split the padding between them. (I assume 
correctly, the start becomes 1 minute, and the end 14)

Futurama                  10 1016  30 18:58-19:44  1 1  A 1  -9/0
Media Watch               21 1026  30 19:44-20:15  1 1  w 1  -1/0

I did notice that the padding doesn't consider if the involved programs 
are on the same chanid and give them lower priority, e.g:

ABC News                   2 1025  01 18:58-19:30  2 4  d 2 -98/0
Futurama - "The Sting"    10 1016  01 18:58-19:45  1 1  A 1  -9/0
The Simpsons              10 1016  01 19:30-20:15  2 4  A 2 -10/0

I assume based on the higher priority Futurama got the padding added 
rather than ABC News, but The Simpsons is going to be recording that 
chanid at the same time anyway, so perhaps doesn't have such a high 
priority to record as the soft pad is on the start of another recording. 
I suppose would be even handier if the recorder could go into two files 
at the same time. I'm sure it is behaving as expected though. :)

(Apart from the fact that ABC News doesn't need any padding, you could 
almost set your watch from it)


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