[mythtv] Current SVN DVB-S zapping problems (diseqc?)

Yeasah Pell yeasah at schwide.com
Mon Aug 28 23:15:22 UTC 2006

>> What kind of card do you have? Have you noticed any dvb-related failures
>> (i2c especially) in the kernel log (i.e. dmesg)?
> I am using 2x Skystar2 there were no messages in kernel logs.
Would you mind re-loading the stv0299 kernel module with the "debug=1" 
module parameter, running the test sequence again (with at least one 
good and failed tune), and report the results of the kernel messages? 
There should be a bunch of messages starting with "stv0299:" that should 
correspond with every operation done on the frontend (and register reads 
& writes), and that should hopefully shed some light on exactly what 
commands are going to the card and whether there are any problems or not.

I know it seems a little weird to be looking around at driver-level when 
an earlier version of the software worked for you, but the fact is that 
the earlier version of the software only worked because it would issue 
repeated tuning requests even if the first tune reported full success, 
which just shouldn't be necessary and isn't something we want to be doing.

I took a peek at the stv0299 source (I don't have a card based on this 
frontend and the driver's new to me), and the main tuning ioctl 
completely fails to report any i2c transfer errors, so if anything goes 
wrong, the application will not be informed. Sigh.

So you'll be looking for lines that say "writereg error" or "readreg 
error". However, the tuner write itself may still fail and won't show up 
in the logs, since it calls i2c_transfer directly and the return code is 
ignored one level up. So even if the logs come up clean of errors, it 
still might be failing.

Are you running a recent set of DVB drivers? Would you be willing to try 
a patch to the driver that improves the error reporting?


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