[mythtv] Desired configuration for multiple DVB-S cards one of them with CI-Slot

Wolfgang Senoner mythtv at chaosinc.at
Mon Aug 28 20:10:45 UTC 2006

Hi altogether,

I've three DVB-S cards (NOVA-S) and one of them has an additional
CI/CAM-Slot with a Cryptoworks CAM.

I've two video sources; one for free to air channels and one containing
only encrypted channels.

The third card (the one with the CI-Slot) has both video sources assigned.

With this configuration (which was suggested a couple of month ago in
this list) I was able to view/browse/record all channels (encrypted and
unencrypted) on the third card and unencrypted on the two others.

This worked very well.

With the latest snapshots this behavior has changed. Browsing channels
with up/down only shows the channels from one video source (the first
one found). As far as I could investigate this is now the desired behavior.

Now the question is, how should I configure my setup to watch all
channels a card could record without having double channel numbers in
the EPG and web-frontend.

Thanks and best regards

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