[mythtv] Mythweather Problems

Eric Bosch eric.bosch at comcast.net
Mon Aug 28 19:10:47 UTC 2006

For the past few weeks I've observed a problem with Mythweather, in that
it seems to gather weather information incorrectly.  I can open the
mythweather plugin repeatedly, and it will bring in data that appears to
be old, and seems to get multiple different data.  Has something changed
on the weathersite in which this data is picked up?  I've got my
settings set to retrieve data for Kansas City, MO.  I can pull it up in
the daytime, and the forcast indicater shows stars, and incorrect
temperature, and I can repeat this, come up with a different
temperature.  Also, the forecast portion comes up sometimes 3-4 days
old, and sometimes 1 day old.  Is it location specific, or is something
else going on?  Any help, and best case a fix would be appreciated!

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