[mythtv] Re-using tuners

Martin Long martin.long at rozel.net
Sun Aug 27 23:57:33 UTC 2006


I'm just finding my way around the source code, and I'm looking for some
pointers. I'm looking into the feasibility of the following:

 1) Reusing a tuner that is already recoding a program, when that
channel is select on LiveTV - currently a new tuner is allocated for
this, and hence another stream is written. This shouldn't be a problem
when it comes to tuner resources, as if all the tuners are recording
scheduled programmes, then you would only be able to watch from the
library anyway, but it'd be useful to spot this, and maybe when entering
LiveTV, if all tuners are being used, drop into one of the programmes
being recorded. 

2) (DBV) I'm sure this has been looked at before, but my Humax box is
able to do it, and I want to check it out. If a programme is being
recorded of say Multiplex A, it should be possible to watch/record
another programme off the same multiplex using the same tuner. I don't
know what the hardware support for this is yet, and hence why I need
some pointers. Is all of the DVB demuxing done in the backend, or is it
handled in the drivers/hardware.

Obviously I realise people are busy, so I'm really just trying to find a
starting point. I've started to find my way around the source, but it's
quite difficult without any docs.



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