[mythtv] Recording Profiles and setup the four 'Software Encoders' profiles.

Paul mylists at wilsononline.id.au
Sat Aug 26 23:03:30 UTC 2006

Can someone please expand on what this means?

I'm having problems with my Analog Capture and I see this msg in the 

2006-08-27 08:59:14.840 Unknown video codec
2006-08-27 08:59:14.848 Please go into the TV Settings, Recording 
Profiles     and
2006-08-27 08:59:14.849 setup the four 'Software Encoders' profiles.
2006-08-27 08:59:14.850 Assuming RTjpeg for now.
2006-08-27 08:59:14.850 NVR: Error, unknown audio codec

What Four Encoder profiles do I need to setup?


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