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Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 16:57:39 UTC 2006

On 8/22/06, Bert Haverkamp <bert at bertenselena.net> wrote:
> It sounds nice. I would love to see Radio support in Mythtv. But before
> going into shoutcast, streaming and all,
> a basic support of a single frontend with a gui would be good idea. There
> was a mythfm plugin at one point ( 0.18 I think) that could be a starting
> point. Recording of programs for podcasting is my main use for such a
> plugin. Integration with the tv scheduling is  required I think, as both
> radio and TV require the same tuner.
> Go go go,
> Bert
> 2006/8/15, Ben Klopfenstein <benklop at gmail.com>:
> > Hello, this would be my first mail to this list;
> > i have been thinking about how to make mythtv do more things lately, and i
> > think i came up with a solution for providing FM support in a network
> > transparent manner. i havnt looked over this list to see if there are
> other
> > things in the works, but the wiki didnt mention anything for .20 anyway.
> >
> > The idea would be to have an icecast server running on the backend,
> available
> > through a PHP or cgi page. this page would accept a Mhz number as an
> > argument, tune the FM tuner to the specified station, and then either
> > supplies the stream, or sends a forward to the address the icecast server
> is
> > streaming from.
> >
> > for example, the URL could be of the form http://backend/tune.cgi?102.7
> > this would tune the FM tuner to 102.7 FM and then either forward to
> > http://backend:7888 (the icecast server is presumably running on that
> port)
> > or stream the encoded audio itself. if no mhz argument is provided, the
> > scirpt does not tune, but just provides the stream, thus allowing multiple
> > frontends to listen without stepping on eachother.
> >
> > the stream could be tuned by any shoutcast capable player; mythstream for
> now,
> > the new mythmusic support for streams could do it too. A script that runs
> > once on the backend could autodetect channels (by stereo lock perhaps?)
> and
> > add them to the DB for whatever front end plugin is avalable, mythstream
> for
> > now, and perhaps mythmusic when it supports it.
> >
> > this way it is as easy as selecting the station from a menu to play it.
> > shoutcast metadata could inform the listener of the MHZ of the station,
> and
> > if the tuner and script supports it, the callsign from stations that
> > broadcast that digitally. best of all, this is completely network enabled,
> so
> > it could be played on any frontend, even multiple frontends at once.
> >
> > i may try to get this going, if school permits, it seems pretty
> > straightforward to me.
> >
> > any thoughts?

there was some talk a while back,

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