[mythtv] Time stretch in playback group initially ignored

Dan Wilga mythtv-dev at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Mon Aug 21 14:06:45 UTC 2006

For certain programs, I have a playback group set up to play them at 
1.3 x normal speed. Since updating to 10665, the speed setting is not 
obeyed the first time such a recording is played.

On a new recording:

1. Press Play. The OSD shows "Fast Settings" (the name of my playback 
group), however time stretch is set to 1.0 x.
2. Press Stop and save the bookmark.
3. Start playback again. This time the speed is correct.

If you do not save the bookmark (step 2), the speed remains incorrect 
on the second play.

I have verified that the other settings in a playback group 
(jump/skip amounts) *do* get obeyed every time. It's only the time 
stretch that is ignored the first time out.

Dan Wilga                                                        "Ook."

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