[mythtv] Errors compiling mythfrontend

Andrew Kimpton awk at awkward.org
Mon Aug 21 13:52:18 UTC 2006

Quoting Geoffrey Kruse <gkruse at gmail.com>:

> Sorry, forgot to include the actual error.
> Geoff
> ccache g++ -c -pipe -mcpu=7450 -mtune=7450 -mpowerpc-gfxopt -faltivec
> -F/System/Library/Frameworks/
> {AGL,ApplicationServices,Carbon,Cocoa,OpenGL,QuickTime}.framework/
> Frameworks -F/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/{DVD}.framework/
> Frameworks -Wall -W -O3 -I/Users/geoff/Desktop/.osx-packager/build/
> include -no-cpp-precomp -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -
> force_cpusubtype_ALL -Wno-sign-compare -Wall -Wno-switch -fno-inline-
> functions -I/Users/geoff/Desktop/.osx-packager/build/include/ freetype2
> -I/Users/geoff/Desktop/.osx-packager/build/include -DPIC - fPIC
> \"/Users/geoff/Desktop/.osx-packager/build\" -DLIBDIR=\"/Users/geoff/
> Desktop/.osx-packager/build/lib\" -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -
> DQT_ACCESSIBILITY_SUPPORT -I/Users/geoff/Desktop/.osx-packager/src/qt-
> mac-free-3.3.6/mkspecs/default -I. -I../../../../../build/include -
> I../../../../../build/include -I../.. -I.. -I../libmyth -I../
> libavcodec -I../libavutil -I../libmythmpeg2 -Idvbdev -Impeg -I../
> libmythlivemedia/BasicUsageEnvironment/include -I../libmythlivemedia/
> groupsock/include -I../libmythlivemedia/liveMedia/include -I../
> libmythlivemedia/UsageEnvironment/include -I/Users/geoff/Desktop/.osx-
> packager/src/qt-mac-free-3.3.6/include -o interactivetv.o
> interactivetv.cpp
> /usr/include/architecture/ppc/math.h:179: error: 'always_inline' was
> not declared in this scope
> /usr/include/architecture/ppc/math.h:179: error: expected `)' before  
>   'inline'
> /usr/include/architecture/ppc/math.h:179: error: expected `)' before  
>   'inline'
> /usr/include/architecture/ppc/math.h:179: error: expected initializer

I think the error is not related to recent SVN changes but rather to  
updating to XCode 2.4.

I just updated to XCode 2.4 and a tree which was previously building  
without error now has exactly this problem. It's on my 'to do list' to  
work out what changed today or tomorrow. I suspect that a small system  
header change (the Mac OS X SDK was updated in 2.4) caused this issue  
- probably one of the system headers that needs 'always_inline' is now  
too early in the include order (refer to the mailing list thread for  
the full gory details).

Andrew 8-)

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