[mythtv] API to refresh MythVideo files

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Sat Aug 19 20:31:20 UTC 2006

> Is there some sort of roadmap articulated someplace? What can be
> expected and when and why.

Sure, you can bet that just as soon as I can, I will go wrestle it away from
my unicorn and put it up on the wiki.

I have a todo.txt file with a handful of lines, several of which now have a
"* Done".

The next major item on the roadmap is merging MythVideo and MythDVD, this
will happen post 0.21 or 0.20.1 (unless they are like 0.19.1, in which case
I'll just wait a bit).

I'm hesitant to bring another section of the wiki into this world when I'm
almost certain I can't offer it the care and attention it would require.
Currently if my mythvideo/todo.txt file languishes it is only my private

> People like things to happen automatically and are prepared to do the
> leg work if they have an api to code against.

People don't know how to use file browsing mode. It is exactly that sort of
live view with metadata people seem to want from the auto update mechanisms.

I'm far more interested in adding things to make existing functionality

That said; it isn't like I'm rejecting a nice patch that adds this API.
Abstracting out that chunk of VideoScan could be done, by someone. If it
were done nicely I'd be more inclined to accept it (though I'd still be
thinking it is pointless while I was committing it).

Anduin Withers

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