[mythtv] When scanning for channels using mythtv-setup on my pchdtv-3000 card it jumps from channel 69 to channel 95.

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Wed Aug 16 21:54:25 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 16:16 -0500, Harley Peters wrote:
> As the subject says when doing a full channel scan using the cable 
> setting and qam 256 it will jump from channel 69 to channel 95. 
> Unfortunately for me my cable provider has a lot of its channels in the 
> 82  to 94 channel range :(
> This setting use to work in svn version 10200 and earlier.
> When scanning with the cable high setting though it goes threw all the 
> steps it never picks up any of the channels below channel 95.
> This setting has never worked for me.
> Any one else experiencing these problems ?

Sorry, we were fiddling with the tables a few weeks ago to try to make
them more correct and these channels got lost in the shuffle. This is
fixed as of revision 10792 in svn head.

-- Daniel

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