[mythtv] mythrename.pl by cron (was Formating of title for recordings)

Dave Just justifiably at cwazy.co.uk
Tue Aug 15 21:44:36 UTC 2006

> The contrib script is there to provide the friendly names if
> you need them.  Just cron it.

I've been following this suggestion for a while, but I *think* I have  
a bit of a problem that's caused by it: occasionally it seems like  
the rename script has run but the backend process still has hold of  
old filenames.  It then tries to autoexpire or delete after  
transcoding files like 1009_20060801234567.mpg --- which fails and I  
am left with OldBoringProgram.mpg or GoodExcitingMovie.mpg on my disk  
taking up useless space.

Any good thoughts about how to solve this?  Perhaps the delete  
routines should check for updates to the name fields (assuming they  
don't already)?

The obvious answer is to run the rename task when the backend is  
stopped, but since it runs all the time on my machine that's a bit  
tricky.  Perhaps the rename could be triggered as part of the  
jobqueue itself, somehow?

I guess just linking instead of renaming would solve this too,  
although it would be nice not to introduce the directory of links  
going back to mythlink again.

  - Dave

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