[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #2159: Many MythVideo changes

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Mon Aug 14 21:54:22 UTC 2006

>  Something close to the attached patch is what I'm intending for 0.20.

I've uploaded a new version of the patch. This makes MythVideo 0.20 feature
complete (except the invalid category update).

Unlike the last patch this one represents my local tree as of late last
night, if you don't see something in there; it doesn't exist and won't make
it in unless you tell me.

I'm planning only one more cleanup that I probably won't get to until next
weekend (merging the video scan in video manager, and file browsing modes).

In a few days I'll commit this patch to get more testers before 0.20 is
released. Don't let that stop you from trying the patch now and reporting

Anduin Withers

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