[mythtv] Corrupt analog recordings

Tyson Harding tharding at cs.utah.edu
Mon Aug 14 12:53:04 UTC 2006

Torbjörn Jansson wrote:
> For a few weeks now i've been having corrupt recordings from my analog card.
> This only happends for some of the recordings and i have not found any
> patern to it.
> A corrupt recording have perfect audio but the video looks like a blocky
> mess, sometimes a more or less corrupted frame is visibel.

I saw the same thing start a few weeks ago. The problem I had was that
some change a few weeks ago has caused the analog video encoder to be
much less efficient. I noticed that when recording from the analog card
the CPU utilization went to 100%, were before it used to only hit
80%-85%. To get it to work again I had to turn off the "Enable
interlaced DCT encoding" option. (The only one of the four options left
on now is the "Enable high quality encoding")

I just tested different settings and looked at the CPU utilization to
determine settings that would work for me. So the first thing I would do
is check and see if your CPU utilization has gone up while doing analog


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