[mythtv] LIVE TV - Out of memory

Goktug YILDIRIM goktug.yildirim at kreatek.net
Fri Aug 11 06:49:42 UTC 2006


This is the exact post that was sent to user list but I decided that it
would be good idea to send here too since this might be something more

I have a weird out of memory situation. I am working hard to solve but
no success yet.

I have minimyth 0.19-14 frontend which is a mythtv distro from
linpvr.org.  Hardware is a diskless EPIA M10000 and has 512MB RAM.
Mythtv version is release-0-19-fixes branch svn 10505.
Backend is Slackware 10.2. Kernel is and mythtv is
release-0-19-fixes branch svn 10505. I have a Technotrend Skystar2 DVBS.

When watching Live TV every channel change in frontend results
approximately 1MB of memory growth in mythfrontend process. Of course
after a time when there is no memory left, kernel kills the mythfrontend
process with an out of memory message. I have done a lot to understand
what might be my misconfiguration but could not figure it out!
First of all I have tried different versions of minimyth which
corresponds to different svns of 0.19-fixes. All of them are the same.
Of course there is a thread in linpvr.org/forum but none has the problem
except me. Since my frontend seems to be correct and tested by various
people there must be something wrong with my backend. However I have no
understanding how backend could cause out of memory in frontend;
moreover backend seems to be OK.

I have some output logs both in frontend and backend but I am not at
home right now. I will try to post some of them and any other log if it

Any help or comment would be appreciated.

Thanks for your support,

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