[mythtv] mythtv features i've been working on.

stanley kamithi skamithi at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 18:52:58 UTC 2006

Over the last 9 months, I've made some changes to Mythtv that I find useful.
Wanted to know if any of these features are liked by others.

The changes are found in 2 diffs which "should" apply cleanly to the latest
revision. I update the diffs once a week.
 -> mythtv branch diff
-> myththeme branch diff

Before compiling,  create the following symlinks

 cd libs/libmythtv
 ln -s ../../programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.h
  ln -s ../../programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.cpp
 ln -s ../../programs/mythfrontend/viewscheduled.h
 ln -s ../../programs/mythfronted/viewscheduled.cpp

Myththeme changes have only been applied to the mythCenter theme and
Titivillus OSD theme, so please use these themes to experience all the

I use a nvidia fx5200 and Xv video output. I am not sure how these features
perform in any other mode.

 test it on your dev PCs and let me know what you think ?

If there are some features folks like, i'll clean up the code and start
creating tickets for the requested features.

Features are:

1) embedded playbackbox and scheduled view. This works like the
embedded program guide. Just go to the TV OSD Menu and select "Recorded
or "Scheduled Recordings".

2) PIP between a Recorded Show and Live TV. From the Embedded "Watch
Recordings" window, select "Play in PIP" and the recording starts up as a
PIP. Even works for DVDs using the internal dvd player. I like to watch a
while playing an exercise video. I use Picture by Picture for this.

3) Picture by Picture. (PBP)
 Add "PBPMode"  Then when the picture is in PIP mode, hit the PIPToggle button again to
activate PBP, then hit the PIPToggle button again
 to go back to just one picture.

4) If you are watching a recorded show, then exit to the main menu, hitting
Watch Live TV will take you back to where you left off.
So basically no need to go fishing around in Watch Recordings to find the
you were last watching. My wife really likes this one.
Stores last show in RAM, so if you restart Mythtv you lose the setting. I
it this way.

5) Selecting "Watch TV" first checks if a tuner is free. If not, it plays
newest recording. Option available to turn off the feature.
Both feature (1) and (5) depend on the TV::startWatchingTV function which
replaces the startTV function. I wanted to a way
where I can go from Live TV to a recorded show and back again, without
deleting the
TV object.

If you go through the diff,  you'll see that it has a libmythstream library.
have it disabled by default , but for those who want to enable and play with
it , please let me know and i'll send you the mythweb piece of it. It's
pretty crude.
This allows me to record internet shows, like NPR, BBC, by telling mythtv
through the mythweb interface to record a radio show at a particular time
I use to record internet radio shows that don't archive old shows. This
me to archive the files.

There are some other  minor changes I made, so I just listed the main ones.
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