[mythtv] Commflagging stops right after beginning

Lucas Meijer lucas at mach8.nl
Wed Aug 9 21:13:53 UTC 2006

Hey Thomas,
>> Please try to reproduce with SVN. If it still happens, make sure to 
>> attach your log with "-v commflag". without
>> specific commflag logging it's next to impossible to figure out what's 
>> going on.
> Here it is with current svn:
> http://www.boerkel.de/commflagsvn.log

I cannot solve this problem yet for you, but can narrow it down a bit:

The only possible way I can imagine that this log file gets generated is 
that your commDetector receives a stop() command.
This only happens if a JobQueue command gets sent to mythcommflag, 
telling it to stop.

Where this command comes from, I don't know. Try adding jobqueue verbose 
debugging to the log as well. It might give a clue on where the stop 
command comes from. It's probably something related to a uniqe setup, as 
it was happening for you alreadyin 19-fixes, and we haven't gotten any 
reports about this before.

HTH, Lucas

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