[mythtv] KDE libs for debian

David Raine davidraine2002 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 9 09:49:56 UTC 2006

> >Can anyone advise what KDE libs need to be installed to build mythweb on
> >SVN? I don't want any more bloat than is actually needed. I am on Debian
> >stable (Sarge).
> >
>None.  (As a matter of fact, you don't even need X.  You don't even need
>to /build/ mythweb, for that matter.)
>That is truly the answer to the question you asked.  If, however, you
>meant to ask, "what KDE libs need to be installed to build mythbrowser
>on SVN," please try asking again, but this time on the -users list.

Ah, yes - I do mean mythbrowser, my mistake. Will ask on -users.

>(For those who might be wondering--as many seem to think this is the
>case--just because you're using SVN version doesn't automatically make
>it a -dev question.  General usage/installation questions are still
>-users questions, even if they are questions about usage/installation of
>SVN versions.)

Apologies - that was not clear to me. I was under the impression that -users
was for questions related to the usage of myth or installation of the 
versions only.


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