[mythtv] Commflagging stops right after beginning

Lucas Meijer lucas at mach8.nl
Wed Aug 9 06:36:03 UTC 2006


> HI!
> I have one recording, where commflagging stopps shortly after start and 
> says "0 breaks found".
> This is a DVB recording, that surely has some MPEG2 errors, but I see no 
> visible glitches when watching.
> This is the log:
> http://www.boerkel.de/commflag.log
> Using Myth 0.19 + fixes.
Please try to reproduce with SVN. If it still happens, make sure to 
attach your log with "-v commflag". without
specific commflag logging it's next to impossible to figure out what's 
going on.

Bye, Lucas

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