[mythtv] Formating of title for recordings

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Aug 8 20:12:20 UTC 2006

Tim Jordan wrote:
> Is there a reason that it is formatted in this way though? this kind  
> of harks back to a day of a manual recorder, rather than the more  
> modern myth that we are faced with now. Does the contrib script  
> automatically rename the files, i.e. could it be run as a cron job  
> renaming my files as i move along?
> As of you third comment that is where I start from but with the live  
> tv recordings it is still annoying.
Simply, because titles may not be unique so channum+timestamp works fine 
since generally speaking this is a behind the scenes thing that you 
never see.  The contrib script is there to provide the friendly names if 
you need them.  Just cron it.


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