[mythtv] List of current running programs from backend

Mikkel Stensgaard mikkel at sudu.dk
Sun Aug 6 13:27:34 UTC 2006

I am currently writing a small mythtv player for windows. There is still 
a long way to go!, but I am able to watch both recorded programs and 
livetv at this point, even though it is far from stable! I hope it will 
get far enough to make a public release later this year.

My question concerns retrieval of program listings from the backend.
I would like to retrieve information about all currently running 
programs on all channels, and maybe also a list of programs which are 
playing next on each channel.
Besides, I would like a complete list of channels including the tuners 
which are able to retrieve each channel. (To show a list in the GUI with 
the channels and what is playing on them)
Is there a way to do this through the backend? That is, without direct 
access to the mysql database.

Hope I am writing the right list ;)


\Mikkel Stensgaard

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