[mythtv] Way of calling FORCE_DELETE_RECORDING

Jochen Kühner jochen.kuehner at gmx.de
Sun Aug 6 12:24:48 UTC 2006

Chris Pinkham schrieb:
> * On Sun Aug 06, 2006 at 11:47:12AM +0200, Jochen K?hner wrote:
>> is there a way of sending the command
>> to the backend??
> Same way you'd send any other command to the backend, open a
> connection, and send the command. :)
> Not sure what you're looking for here.  Perhaps if you
> explained it a little more.  Do you mean from the frontend,
> from your own program, from where?
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> Chris
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when i was walking through the source, i think that this command expires 
recordings from my list even when the file is not there any more.
(because i had a harddrive crash and i have many recordings in my db 
which are not there any more, but the auto expire doesn't delete them)

but i don't know how to run this command??? is there a menuitem for it 
in the frontend??? can i do it like mythbackend --forcedelete or is it 
there and not used (so that i have to write my own program!)

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