[mythtv] Live TV channel up/down broken in SVN

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Aug 2 00:42:48 UTC 2006

On 08/01/2006 11:50 AM, Dan Wilga wrote:

>Since installing 10665 last night, I've noticed that channel up/down 
>only shows channels from my default sourceid (2), and ignores 
>anything from my other source, 3. Also, contrary to previous 
>versions, the "visible" flag is ignored, and all channels in that 
>source are displayed.
>The EPG works exactly the same as it always has. Only up/down is 
>broken. My channel table seems fine.
>I'd be happy to try to help diagnose this, if somebody would point me 
>to the relevant source file(s).

If I understand your message correctly, that sounds like what I thought 
was the desired behavior.  First, let me re-state the behavior to verify 
my understanding:

When using LiveTV's browse mode for viewing program information, using 
the up/down arrows scrolls through programs airing on other channels, 
but only those channels in the same source that's being used for the 
current input (i.e. your input is connected to video source 2 and 
channels available to video source 3 are not shown in browse mode).

If that's the behavior you noticed, I'm pretty certain that's the 
desired behavior.  The problem with showing channels connected to other 
inputs in browse mode is that it implies changing to that input in 
LiveTV is possible, while the only inputs usable for the other video 
source may be currently in use for recording(s) or other LiveTV 
sessions.  In the EPG, however, because it's purpose is to show what's 
on now (as opposed to what you can watch for LiveTV now), it shows all 
channels and indicates that no inputs are available when you attempt to 
change to a channel on a video source whose inputs are all busy.


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