[mythtv] IR blaster issues with MythTV

Cool Frood aaranya+mythtv at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 18:39:41 UTC 2006

[Cross posted on mythtv-users too]


I've run against a couple of issues using the IR blaster with a
PVR-150 card. I'm running MythTV version 0.19.

1.  The external channel changer command gets the frequency id instead
of the channel number when it is asked to change the channel.  I
looked into the sources and I could verify this and also rectify this.
 Perhaps this is fixed in one of the bugfix releases.

2. There is a setting to tune the TV-capture tuner to a particular
channel (in my case, channel 3) when using an external channel
changer.  The problem is that channel 3 is not in my database of
channels even though it is part of the data received from zap2it.  My
question is, how do I fix the channel data received from zap2it.
Secondly, why should MythTV go looking for channel 3 in the database
anyway if you have an external channel changer?


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