[mythtv] A question about tv tuner and mythtv

Yaonan Lin yaonan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 07:45:13 UTC 2006

        I am a user of mythtv and I have a question about "one tuner on tv
card can only use as one resource on mythtv".
    Some of the tv cards I bought got their own apps that can show screens
in screen. Example three sub screen in one main screen with 4 different tv
channels. They seems to copy the input source from the tuner of tv card into
4 and then filter each of them with different channel by software.
        Is it possible that mythtv can also do this and take each copyed
source as and resource? So server can serve 4 or more users with different
tv channels with only one tuner. Or its a too heavy loading for a pc to do
the multi-channel and streaming job?
        Sorry for my question if it is too silly and sorry for my
reckless.Iknow I should have try to do the experiment on the
multi-channel with one tv
tuner first, but I am not familiar with this domain.I think I better ask
first so that I can watch out when I do the testing.
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