[mythtv] backend from SVN 9761 bangs on mysqld

Janne Grunau janne-mythtv at grunau.be
Mon Apr 24 19:42:34 UTC 2006

On Monday 24 April 2006 20:20, Stuart Auchterlonie wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 24, 2006 at 07:24:48PM +0200, Janne Grunau wrote:
> > Sharing the cache would be insane, I see 2 million calls to the
> > cache per hour. But a static assignment of channels to backends is
> > a interesting idea.
> Though I have to say that was my original idea to share the cache
> at a global level

I unfortunately haven't thought at all about master/slave 

> > The cache will 'leak' memory since there is currently no method to
> > prune done events. But it is almost done, I have to think how often
> > we should call this method. The offset needs probably also some
> > tests.
> It will top out with
> count(tsid) * count(eventid) * count(serviceid)
> keys and grow no further after that.

I'm not sure if understand your formula correct but the memory usage 
will top at (number of channels) * 2^16 * Overhead per entry. After 
Daniel's guess that would be 3MB per program.


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