[mythtv] Mythtv & Freebox

Laurent ARNAL laurent at clae.net
Sat Apr 22 05:32:05 UTC 2006

Francois Gouget a ťcrit :
> Hi Laurent,
> I just found your email and patch to add support for recording the 
> FreeBox video with MythTV using rtsp. I'm sorry it didn't get a more 
> enthusiastic response as this is something I'm quite interested in.
> I will try to test it though I don't know when I'll find the time to do 
> that :-( I'll also have to overcome my fear of breaking my current 
> config. But in any case I wanted to post this message to at least let 
> you know there's someone out there who thinks your work is important.
> I think it's too bad ticket 1458 was closed. The reasons invoked 
> (indentation issues and new non conditional dependency) can both be 
> fixed.
> Is there a new version of the patch maintained somewhere?
	Hi Francois,

There is a new version of the patch, wich was correct by MickaŽl Remars 
(I Thinks). In this version, indentation should be ok, and so, perhaps, 
it will be included in official source code. You will find this patch in 
ticket #1704.

I don't have time myself to rework on it the last week, as I was in 
holidays, but hope I can take a look tomorrow to this. I will certainly 
try to update the patch to last SVN revision (reading mythtv standard 
coding before :) ! ).

I will also try to open a space on my website so we can centralize 
informations on this patch (there is already 5 persons that email me 
they test the patch).

Another interesting thing to do will be make the path more independant 
from freebox system, so you can add any RSTP flow to mythtv. I need also 
to look at this, but It's certainly a lot of work, because Freebox RTSP 
flow contains MPEG2-TS, most Internet RTSP flow contains MPEG4 data.


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