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Max Barry mythtv at maxbarry.com
Tue Apr 18 05:49:45 UTC 2006

Latest test results!


No significant change from last test.


I tested revision 9730 of the 'softpad' branch, which I gather is Paul's
latest work plus some of David's.

I used the same settings as last time; that is:
* start-early soft pad of 1 minute
* end-late soft pad of 2 minutes
* no pre-roll
* no post-roll
* no individual hard start-early or soft-late
* 2 tuner cards (IDs 6 and 7)
* no tuner/input priority

I only re-tested what I called "bugs" in my previous report, not
"suggestions." (I did notice the softpad setting is now minutes, not
seconds though!)


BUG #1: Still there. Altering the softpad settings triggers some kind of
reschedule, but it doesn't work properly. That is, the backend log shows
"Reschedule requested" and it does print a new schedule, but the
"Scheduling" section seems much shorter than usual, and it doesn't take
into effect the new settings. The recordings still don't have soft
padding. Or, if you've just removed soft padding, they still do. You
need to manually schedule something to trigger a "proper" reschedule,
at which point it does update correctly.

BUG #2: Still there. Soft pads are still dropped when they should be

Note: Later, I manually applied Paul's 'retrylist.patch' to softpad rev.
9730, and this seemed to fix the problem! The below is what I got before
that, from svn alone.

I did some investigation to find out what was happening:

Title - Subtitle                    Chan Start  End   C I  T N   Pri
ABC News                               2 18:59-19:30  6 5  T 6   0/0
The Biggest Loser                      1 19:00-19:30  7 6  A 7   0/0
The 7.30 Report                        2 19:30-20:00  0 0  C C   0/0
The Simpsons - "Brake My Wife, Plea    1 19:30-20:02  7 6  T 7   0/0
Survivor: Panama - Exile Island - "    9 19:30-20:30  6 5  A 6   0/0

Here THE BIGGEST LOSER is missing its start-early softpad, and SURVIVOR
is missing its end-late softpad.

I went through the verbose output (see attached) to discover what's
1. ABC NEWS and THE SIMPSONS are scheduled, both with soft padding.
2. The scheduler is unable to add any more schedules, because everything
else is now conflicted.
3. The scheduler replaces the fully-padded ABC NEWS with a
partially-padded ABC NEWS.
4. This allows SURVIVOR to be scheduled. However, it doesn't try to
schedule a padded version, only a non-padded one -- I guess because it
already tried that earlier, in step #2.
5. The scheduler tries to schedule THE BIGGEST LOSER again. Again, it
doesn't try the padded options. Instead it tries to schedule a
non-padded one. It does so by replacing the fully-padded THE SIMPSONS
with a partially-padded one.
6. It unsuccessfully tries to schedule THE 7:30 REPORT (which is fine,
as this is impossible with 2 tuners).

BUG #3: Still there. A higher-priority show will conflict other shows
around it in order to preserve the soft padding. I checked
Utilities/Setup -> Setup -> TV Settings -> Recording Priorities -> Set
Recording Priorities -> Reschedule Higher Priorities, as requested, and
this was set to off. Also all the numbers were 0.

Hope this helps,


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