[mythtv] ring buffer and live TV

Felix Rubinstein felixru at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 13:01:10 UTC 2006

Guys, I finally understood the misunderstanding between us!
Please don't get angry as I'm here to help and you'll understand it in just
one second why.

I don't live in US and the country I live in has different set-top-boxes
than you guys probably have. It has a tuner output and S-Video output as

It doesn't matter what kind of the connection you connect PVR to the
set-top-box, you only have one channel, that is it. In order to switch
channels, content provider provides you remote control which sends signals
to the set-top-box to switch channels internally, my TV stays on the same
channel, the TV doesn't know (as well as myth if it's connected) that
channel was switched, all it gets is a stream of bits decoded for it by
Once again, myth gets merely a stream of bits, it has no way of knowing
channel was changes or not, it gets only a stream of bits.

That is the reason I'm helpless and myth cannot switch channels by itself.
If I use content provider's remote control I get 4 secs delay for any
operation I do: channel switch, many other popups and etc. I've already told
in the users list, it's like moving a mouse and getting the response of the
coursor after 4 secs. Trust me, kernel hackers would agree with me that it's

I'm not trying to solve the issue and never told that there is a bug.
All I wanted is to help you that you know there are other set-top-boxes in
the world.
Now if you want my help providing you any detailed info, I'd be more than
happy to help.


On 4/15/06, Isaac Richards <ijr at case.edu> wrote:
> On Saturday 15 April 2006 15:42, Felix Rubinstein wrote:
> > Why do you impose limitations on users?
> > Why not to let it choose what he/she wants?
> > Did it ever occured to you that your're doing a project for many users
> or
> > you always though about running it on different hardware?
> You're using it _wrong_.  It's not a limitation of myth, it's not a
> bug.  You
> are using the program _incorrectly_.
> > And what about live tv, really live like real-time live tv with
> buffering
> > capabilities, man, you have commercial products doing it on old hardware
> > pretty good with 0 (zero) delay!
> >
> > Improper use of myth, what improper in connecting myth with S-Video
> without
> > EPG?
> Absolutely nothing, if you'd just change channels from mythtv.  You don't
> need
> an EPG to do that.
> Isaac
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