[mythtv] More scheduling scheduler

Paul Andreassen paulx at andreassen.com.au
Sat Apr 15 15:53:41 UTC 2006

On Sat, 15 Apr 2006 02:45 am, David Engel wrote:
> No, please post to the -dev list.  This is a new feature under
> development, afterall.

I was a little afraid that there might be a lot of email like there was on the 
user list this week.  Probably wont be many testing it anyway.

If I did up some Debian packages for Stable, would anyone try them?

> I'm mostly indifferent since I'm not going to use this feature.  You
> guys try it both ways, with and without softpad always considered, and
> let me know which way you like better.  When you decide, please
> provide a clear rationale.  Those of us who sitck around and have to
> support it (Bruce, Michael, myself, etc.) can then regurgitate it when
> the questions come up again in the futrue.

This kind of thing can be hard to explain to users. 

> The general idea goes like this.  For each program that might be
> recorded at a given time on a given channel, create up to 3 additional
> variations.  One with extra time added to the beginning (softstart),
> one with extra added to the end (softend), and one with time added to
> the beginning and end.  Tweak the scheduling algorithm to prefer the
> variation in the following order (softend and softstart added, softend
> added, softstart added, neither added).  Schedule normally and see
> what comes out.

The patch is installed on my machines and it seems to be working.

It doesn't work quite like I expected.  I hadn't realised that the scheduler 
would only try other options if it can't record a program and channel/card 
priority was minor importance.  What it did was keep softstart and softend 
for all programs by moving to a lower priority card.  I guess this makes 
sense because whats the point of recording if it might not have an end.  Will 
have to update the helptext for schedsoftstart/schedsoftend.

> > Also these examples are exactly what the 'no scheduling' preroll/overtime
> > does now, without any feedback to the user.

Attached is a patch to get mythweb working.  Mythweb displays startts and 
endts everywhere so it has no feedback on why difference cards are used.

The next thing is to try the different combinations of overrides, extending 
end times and other scheduling stuff.  The same applies to mythweb.

Thanks for the time,
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