[mythtv] running on an epia

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Apr 11 15:20:05 UTC 2006

Simon Kenyon wrote:
> running a pretty recent svn on an epia-m9000
> works quite nicely but... (there always is one)
> what should i be using to display tv
> i've tried "standard", "xvmc" and "via xvmc"
> i would have assumed that via xvmc would be the best in terms of 
> smoothness of play (no stuttering etc)
> however, to my amazement, it appears that "standard" is the only one 
> which won't stutter
> have i somehow mis-configured myth when i built it?
> i'm using XvMCW and when mythfrontend is running i can see that it 
> dlopen'd the via library
> but when configured to using the via library the audio stutters like mad
> any help would be appreciated
> the box is working fine - but i'm confused as to why i have to set it up 
> as i do!

I'm running my f/e on a m10k and I find it best when using Via XvMC 
mode. I've applied all the sugguestions on the XvMC wiki page so that 
may be a place to start.

I'm using Chroma Key OSD.

The biggest source of stuttering I found was when I was streaming from 
myth b/e rather than getting the data via a shared NFS mount. Shared NFS 
Mount is 100x better (an approximate measurement!).

When I go to sleep/wake up my EPIA it sometimes seems to jump to 
stuttering mode. A proper reboot fixes this although I believe this is 
due to stale NFS handles and thus myth resorts to streaming. The reboot 
just clears them out. Not really looked into it in any great depth yet.

Hope that helps.



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