[mythtv] Memory leaks in SVN

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Sun Apr 9 13:22:18 UTC 2006


> Most of the scanning problems are known issues which we are currently working 
> on. Can you tell us exactly which version of SVN you are using? A partial fix 
> for the problem you mention did go in on Thursday, though I've yet to test it 
> myself.

I'm using 9647 which is post-thursday.

I am experiencing crashes while running the scanner at least 9 times out 
of 10.  I will try and post a patch once I have the machine rebuilt so 
that I can get a backtrace.  Error is from glibc about a free...

It tends to run most of the way and actually report finding channels 
with those strange names - the channel number is also like 6#2 which 
causes some sorting problems elsewhere.

I was able to successfully use a channels.conf file in vdr format though 
and import all my channels that way (which was very successful!)

Curiously on the last run it seemed to insert way more of those wierd 
looking channel names than there are actual channels really there.  This 
suggests that it might be finding some kind of other bogus information 
rather than real channels?

This is an extremely cool feature all in all though!  Much appreciated.

Would you be able to give me a quick summary on where to look to debug 
this further? (files/function names?)  Do you have a vague idea on where 
these funny names are coming from - is it an error in the parser or is 
it bogus data leaking in?


Ed W

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