[mythtv] Myth control via network socket: future plans?

Joshua Dickens josh at uncleleron.com
Fri Apr 7 17:01:13 UTC 2006


I was wondering if anyone can speak to plans for further developing  
the network-socket remote control feature for the Myth frontend?  
Specifically, I'm interested in getting more information during  
playback from the status function, e.g. the name of the show that's  
being watched, or some sort of guid from the program guide.

I'm currently working on a project where we're creating a network  
remote control that allows for timecoded video commenting/chat.  You  
can learn more about the project here:  http://itp.nyu.edu/research/? 
page_id=36  .

It's written in java and the initial prototype works pretty well as a  
proof of concept.  We can reliably control the myth interface, and  
get timecode from the video.  However, in order for the project to  
take a wider audience, we need a way to consistently and universally  
determine what show is being watched.  Right now I'm considering  
querying the mysql database with the channel and timestamp id to  
determine which recording is being viewed, but it would be much nicer  
if the remote protocol could return that information.

Anyway, thanks for the input, and if anyone is interested in testing  
out the software or contributing to it, our goal is to put it online  
as open source, but you can email me and I'd be glad to send you some  


josh at uncleleron.com
// movies: www.uncleleron.com/wp/movies
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