[mythtv] HD-3000 MythTV Recording Bug and backend crash

john sturgeon john.sturgeon+mythtv at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 17:26:26 UTC 2005

Posted to mythtv-users with no response:

Here's my problem:  I'm recording my local CBS affiliate (KOIN 1080i)
and when I record it from MythTV the audio is garbled (both from
MythTV and mplayer) then upon the completion of the recording, the
backend crashes, but when I record it by tuning using azap -r,
then cat'ting /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0 I get a clean file with no audio

I'll put as much relevant information as I can think of:

First, the mythtv info:
Here is a one minute snippet of the channel
http://sturgeonfamily.org/files/KOIN-HD.mythtv.nuv  (62.5 Mbytes)
Here's some info from the log file when it tuned to the station:
mythbackend.log -----------------------------------------------
2005-09-26 16:19:04.238 DVB#0 Successfully tuned to channel 61.
2005-09-26 16:19:04.284 SIParser: Unknown Descriptor: 81  8  8 38  5 ff 1f  0
2005-09-26 16:19:04.286 SIParser: Unknown Descriptor: 81  8  8 38  5 ff 1f  0
2005-09-26 16:19:04.314 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
2005-09-26 16:19:04.314 51      BACKEND_MESSAGE[]:[]RECORDING_LIST_CHANGE[...
2005-09-26 16:19:04.324 Using profile 'Default' to record
2005-09-26 16:19:04.327 DVB#0 Recorder: Card opened successfully
(using PS mode).
2005-09-26 16:19:04.328 DVB#0 AutoPID for ServiceID=3, PCRPID=49
2005-09-26 16:19:04.333 3492    7[]:[]Crimetime Saturday[]:[][]:[][]:[][]:...
2005-09-26 16:19:04.335 DVB#0 AutoPID selecting PID 49, MPEG-2 Video
2005-09-26 16:19:04.336 DVB#0 AutoPID selecting PID 52, AC3 Audio (eng
2005-09-26 16:19:04.350 DVB#0 AutoPID selecting PID 53, AC3 Audio (spa
2005-09-26 16:19:04.351 DVB#0 AutoPID Complete - PAT/PMT Loaded for service
2005-09-26 16:19:04.359 DVB#0 Service is FTA
2005-09-26 16:19:04.360 DVB#0 Adding pid 49
2005-09-26 16:19:04.367 DVB#0 Adding pid 52
2005-09-26 16:19:04.368 DVB#0 Adding pid 53

mythbackend.log -----------------------------------------------

Now for the file that I recorded using azap:
Here's the file: http://sturgeonfamily.org/files/KOIN-HD.mpg (19.3 Mbytes)
and the tuning info from .azap/channels.conf

The only difference I see is that in mythtv, it seems to want to pull
both audio channels (english and spanish) in. and in my channels.conf
file, I only specify one audio channel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Sturgeon <><

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