[mythtv] MySQL Error during ATSC scan

MythTV mythtv at taoyama.com
Fri Sep 30 08:40:29 UTC 2005


I am getting this error while trying to do an ATSC scan in mythtv- 
setup. I've narrowed it down to the checkin for version 7356. Version  
7355 works without problems.

Let me know if you need more data.

Thanks for all the work on the DVB stuff.


2005-09-30 01:29:10.163 DB Error (Adding Service):
Query was:
INSERT INTO channel   (chanid,        channum,    sourceid,    
callsign,     name,          mplexid,    serviceid,
atscsrcid,    useonairguide, visible,    freqid,     tvformat,      
icon,          xmltvid) VALUES   (1042,       '4-2',
1,  'KRON-HD',     'KRON-HD',         13,   4, 1026,    0,       1,    
57,    'ATSC',     '',         NULL)
Driver error was [2/1048]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
Column 'xmltvid' cannot be null

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