[mythtv] Crash + BT with mythbackend r7355

Jack Hyde jr at jrh.net
Fri Sep 30 00:55:18 UTC 2005

This happens every time I hit refresh with 7355 (was running ~7200 before
just fine) in recorded programs in mythweb. On the main backend all I get is
an infinite list of "waiting for a thread.." while on the slave backend that
crashes hard I get the following log with backtrace. My gdb is according to
ijr broken so I have to manually switch threads and do a bt full, so I am
not sure if this data is useful. If there is anything that I can do to help
please let me know. 

I also copy the slave's png files to the master backend's mythweb
image_cache directory manually because of the long standing thumbnail
generation bug between master and slave backends. If I don't do this it
still works, but it takes forever to timeout on all the recordings, plus it
just displays an empty box.

Log is at http://www.jrh.net/myth/9-29-2005_mythbackend_bt.txt

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