[mythtv] RE: mythtv commit: r7336 by danielk

Adam Egger mythtv2005 at bdam.de
Wed Sep 28 18:36:03 UTC 2005

On 9/28/05, Christian Höhle <Christian at familiehoehle.de> wrote:

> >It shouldn't _ever_ be hitting that code (or any code using tfw) if it can't
> >open the file.  If it is, something's broken in tv_rec.cpp.
> >
> >
> Ok, thanks Isaac. That code I mentioned does not seem to be accessed
> without a prior call to IsOpen() that ensures everything is fine with
> tfw. So no need for any changes :-)

There's a crash when R is pressed on LiveTV. I'm just recording a show
in the next 60minutes so I can send a more data in ~1h.


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