[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] Re: Ticket #385: DVBChannel cleanup

Colin McCormack colin at chinix.com
Wed Sep 28 09:57:38 UTC 2005

> #385: DVBChannel cleanup 
> Changes (by ijr):
>   * resolution:  => invalid
>   * status:  reopened => closed
> Comment:
>  Then stop wasting my time and submit a patch without unnecessary
>  in it.

Wow.  I have seldom seen such incivility for such a clueless reason,
unless an underdosage of major tranquilizers was involved.

Someone cleans up some code for you, removing redundant includes, and
they are accused of wasting your time.  They make the point that every
compilation by every user is going to be slightly longer because of the
boneheaded inclusion of unnecessary include files, and you accuse *them*
of wasting *your* time?

I seem to have wandered into the last reel of The Cable Guy.

If you have a reasonable (*cough*) engineering reason to deny the patch,
in my opinion you should state it.

You have neither right nor reason to suppose that your time (and I'm
seriously buggered if I know how a patch even consumes your time) is
more valuable than his, let alone more valuable than the time of every
sap who compiles the system.

I'm seeing how this little self-selecting meritocracy of a community
works - you scare away the little contributors before they can grow,
then bitch about how hard-pressed you are to keep ahead of the workload
and how personally important your time and your efforts are.

It's a self-defeating egomaniacal zero sum game.  Personally, I think
it's disgusting.


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