[mythtv] Re: Ticket #255: Improved scheduling of consecutiveprograms with pre-roll/overrecord

Pascal Favre Pascal.Favre at gmx.net
Tue Sep 27 17:39:45 UTC 2005

I tried to follow this thread "Improved scheduling of consecutiveprograms with pre-roll/overrecord" but didn't find out what it is 
As far as I understood does it take care for the extra time needed to switch channels (reasonable in seconds) ?

What I like to see in mythtv is that I can add an additional default time, say 20 minutes for each movie.
When I have two or more consecutive recordings on the same channel, the extra time is not take into account except for the last 

With the above feature I do not have to take care which movies overlap. Overlapped movies occupie another tuner, which I do not 
want, so I have to take care about the extra time specified for each movie.

Please bare in mind that I still have 18.1-fixes, not looking in or testing the svn version, but I am always interested/learn new 
Would you think my proposed feature could be of interest ?


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> David Engel wrote:
> ...
>> Personally, I'm happy with the status quo since I have reasonably
>> accurate guide data and have no problems manually adjusting my
>> recording scheduls as needed.
> Agreed.
>>   However, I am sympathetic with those
>> users with less reliable guide data and their potential need for some
>> form of "softer" scheduling.
> What's always bothered me about this is that preroll serves a
> useful purpose and the fact that this magic behavior is possible by
> abusing it lead people to jump to the conclusion that this is what
> they're supposed to do and the scheduler is therefore supposed to
> take it into account.
> I'm thinking now that if there is going to be some sort of "softer"
> scheduling it should be just that, part of the schedule planning.
> I think it would make more sense to have a pair of variables for
> this, expressed in minutes, rather than usurping the preroll
> variables. These could be applied to the schedule in the context
> of scheduling and shown in the Upcoming Recordings (reclist) for
> the users to fix whatever problems they create for themselves.
> We should leave the preroll seconds out of it and limit their range
> to 0-29  seconds to be applied by the recorder at record time as it
> is now.
> --  bjm


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