[mythtv] Myth & The Media MVP

Ian Caulfield imc25 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Sep 26 11:03:45 UTC 2005

On Sun, 25 Sep 2005, Liam Sharp wrote:

> Thanks for your response - what do u think is the most viable way of
> getting as much of the mythfrontend to work on the MVP ? Developing mvpmc
> further ? or could something clever be done with exporting displays from
> another box ? getting some kind of mythfrontend server that the mvpmc
> could connect to ? Or just waiting to see if a higher spec MVP comes onto
> the market ?

There's various possible approaches; mvpmc is currently useless for me, as 
it doesn't support transport stream playback. If this was fixed, and it 
was made to look and feel a bit more like myth, that would be quite 

The way the windows MVP server works uses a modified form of VNC - the 
menus etc are exported over VNC and then compressed video is streamed 
alongside. This is more suitable than X as a VNC client is a lot more 
lightweight than an X server.

Over on the shspvr forums, someone has upgraded the RAM on their MVP to 
32MB - this might be enough to squeeze myth into.

It might be possible to further optimise the size of Myth in order to fit 
- the move to mythui might or might not help; using mythui would allow the 
qt library to be compiled without most of the graphical functions - a 
custom mythui backend for the MVP might work out smaller.


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