[mythtv] Race condition on backend status at system startup?

Joshua King jking_ok at yahoo.com.au
Mon Sep 26 00:19:11 UTC 2005

Anyone able to diagnose where to look to fix an issue that I'm having with
the HTTP backend status (port 6544)? Basically the last thing my system
startup scripts do is

curl -o /tmp/bstatus.html

Which is then e-mailed to me so I know that my system is working (I'm
frequently remote from the mythbox).

I was on 0.17 now SVN and I have the issue (example e-mail attached) that
the Schedule section (possibly also the Job Queue section, but I rarely run
jobs) comes up as empty when I know I have scheduled shows (and can get them
to appear when I check the status manually).

Running on Gentoo, this sits in /etc/conf.d/local.start which runs after
both mythbackend and mysqld start OK.

Seems like some database connections aren't up and running yet, but the
mythfilldatabase status is correct, so there's at least one connection
already? Perhaps not accept HTTP connections until all of the database
connections are open?

Point me at it and I'll try and patch and test it.

Joshua King

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