[mythtv] Broken seeking & show length

RayDar mythtv at raydarllc.com
Sat Sep 24 18:24:29 UTC 2005

If I playback a show while it is being recorded, everything is fine.

However, immediately after a show is finished, with or without commercial 

* Jumping or skipping ahead takes a while and displays garbage for a few 
seconds (moving backward is fast and error free)

* While jumping/skipping ahead the reported show's duration fluctuates -- even 
though the show is not being recorded

* Shows that have been commercial flagged state "not flagged" when a 
commercial skip is attempted

* Playing from a bookmark usually results in a black screen.

What might cause this behavior and (more importantly) how can I fix it?

I am using an MPEG 2 Encoder card (PVR-250), if that matters.


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