[mythtv] [PATCH] MythMusic incremental search

Ciaran ciaranj at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 11:49:40 UTC 2005

Excellent addition, I've been wanting something like this for quite a
while as the edit-playlist performance kills my machine :(  This is a
lot less painful!

However I have a couple of suggestions to improve the WAF of the modification
* Remote Control usage
   - Instead of '1' mapping to '1', could it map to 'delete last
character' ...as currently on my remote I appear to have no way apart
from exiting and restarting to remove a char.
   - I dont' have 'enter' mapped to any remote-control key, so perhaps
it would be useful to provide a set of buttons at the bottom of the
screen for the various options (Play selected, Play all etc).
* General usage
  - It would be great if you could highlight the letters that have
caused the track to be displayed, explaining the alpha-numerics to the
g/f is just plain painful otherwise ;)
  - I would prefer to play the track I've searched for immediately
rather than just adding it to the end of the playlist, perhaps this
could be a configurable option, or having two types of button, enqueue
or play buttons ?

Other than that, its wicked, cheers Jerome ;)
On 23/09/05, Wendy Seltzer <wseltzer at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 21/09/05, Jérôme Forissier < jerome at forissier.org> wrote:
> > > >> The attached patch will add a 'Search' button to the main MythMusic
> > > >> menu. Once the search dialog is displayed you can enter some text in
> > > >> the search field and you get a list of all the files that match the
> > > >> search term, either in the filename, the artist, the album or the
> > > >> song title. If you press return, all the files from the list are
> added to
> > > >> the
> > > >> active playqueue. If you select a single file, only that file is
> > > >> added.
> >
>  I like this.  I'm working on a couple modifications to see if I can allow
> searching on multiple fields at once.
>  One piece I can't figure out how to change, is that mythmusic re-starts the
> track it's playing each time a new track is searched and added.  Would there
> be a way to stack new items onto a playlist without interrupting the music
> that's currently playing?
>  Thanks.
>  --Wendy
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