[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] Re: Ticket #352: Transcoding scheduled for wrong host.

Martin Møller martin at martinm-76.dk
Wed Sep 21 16:32:52 UTC 2005

This does the trick, but I'm seeing another issue in some cases now (maybe I 
would have either way):

I had a show that, quite rightly, was scheduled to start at 22:45, but since I 
have a globale 5 minute preroll it started at 22:40. For some reason, the 
'starttime' in jobqueue is set to the '22:45' time and the job does not show 
up on the queue screen. If I try to stop remove it by pressing 'x' while 
playing back the program again it say 'Stopping transcode', but it doesn't, 
really. In this case, the hostname field is also blank....

Given the size of the patch for this issue, I would say this is not related to 
this fix, but it probably is related to the many changes in filenaming that 
have occured lately...

The latest recordings are fine and fairly old records are fine but those for 
the last week or so have this issue...

This is also fixable by editing the jobqueue table, but is a bit harder at 


Mandag 19 september 2005 23:59 skrev MythTV:
> #352: Transcoding scheduled for wrong host.
> ----------------------------------+----------------------------------------
>- Reporter:  martin at martinm-76.dk  |        Owner:  cpinkham
>      Type:  defect                |       Status:  closed
>  Priority:  minor                 |    Milestone:
> Component:  mythtv                |      Version:
>  Severity:  medium                |   Resolution:  fixed
> ----------------------------------+----------------------------------------
>- Changes (by cpinkham):
>   * resolution:  => fixed
>   * status:  new => closed
> Comment:
>  (In [7274]) Fix bug that would queue up jobs using the frontend's hostname
>  instead
>  of the recording backend's hostname when a user queue jobs using
>  a playlist on the Watch Recordings screen with the JobsRunOnRecordingHost
>  setting turned ON.  Closes #352.

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