[mythtv] DVB-T: no signal lock

Marcus Gustafsson tgreem at swipnet.se
Wed Sep 21 16:25:10 UTC 2005

John Pullan wrote:
> On 21/09/05, Marcus Gustafsson <tgreem at swipnet.se> wrote:
>>Hi to you all,
>>Having this problem with Myth and DVB for a while back now. Appearantly
>>I don't get a signal lock, but I am perfectly able to watch TV in xine
>>or mplayer (although no sound in mplayer, but that's another problem).
>>Attached logs from "mythbackend -v channel,siparser,record" and from
>>"mythfrontend". Also in the file is my dtv_multiplex if it's of any use.
>>Please, just tell me if something else is needed to debug or if I can do
>>anything else to ease the solving of my problem.
>>Marcus Gustafsson
> It looks like your dtv_multiplex  is wrong. I take it you did a scan ?
> Anyway the frequencies looks wrong by an order of magnitude or two.
> I suggest that you go into advanced and edit them that way :)
> Also please tell us which version of svn code you are running and how
> you generated the channel list.
> Thanks.
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> John
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Ah, sorry. I always manage to forget to add info that I'm intending to 

1. I'm running svn r7283.

2. Channels where added by a channel scan in mythtv-setup.

Did I forget something else? :-)

Marcus Gustafsson

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