[mythtv] DVB-T: no signal lock

Neale Swinnerton mythtv-dev.spam at isismanor.com
Wed Sep 21 13:34:47 UTC 2005

> Hi to you all,
> Having this problem with Myth and DVB for a while back now. Appearantly
> I don't get a signal lock, but I am perfectly able to watch TV in xine
> or mplayer (although no sound in mplayer, but that's another problem).
> Attached logs from "mythbackend -v channel,siparser,record" and from
> "mythfrontend". Also in the file is my dtv_multiplex if it's of any use.

Looks like you have the same problem as me (and some others). I only get
the problem in LiveTV, recordings work. Since I don't really use LiveTV I
haven't pursued it. I was planning to check again once Daniel's tuning
re-factoring was complete.

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