[mythtv] ivtv (pvr350) snow on upgrade to recent svn

Roger James roger at beardandsandals.co.uk
Tue Sep 20 13:06:25 UTC 2005

> Not sure i folow you, how can you have one channel (one row in channels
> table) that is used on both digital and analog?

I seemed to have ended up with that :-) I admit I have always been a little
confused with the concept of a video source. The only thing it appeared to
define was a source of program listing information. Since both my analog and
digital cards used the same program listing source I only had one video
source defined.

> Or are you saying that you
> have a card that can do both analog and digital tv?


> Isn't the analog and digital source two different cards?


> If so you should have 2 different channels that possibly have the same
> channel number, callsign and name (or something like that) so myth
> recognizies them as the same channel.

It looks like I have somehow ended up with a configuration that is not
allowed. Do I really now have to have my EPG cluttered up with duplicate
channels :-(

To save me looking through the code (I could not find an obvious equality
test in the channel class), can anyone tell me what exactly does myth need
to decide that two entries in the channel table are actually the same
channel? Is it channel number, callsign and name as mentioned above.


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