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Jason Weinstein potuncle at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 02:04:53 UTC 2005

So, I take it that now is not a good time to upgrade to the "stable
0.18.2branch" considering I'm also using DVB on a HD3000?

I've been running 0.18.1 for a while and have been waiting until I had the 
time to update to the most recent release-0-18-fixes. My main hope was to 
fix the problem of mythbackend freezing up whenever it tuned to a channel 
with a weak or no signal. 


On 9/19/05, Daniel Kristjansson <danielk at cuymedia.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-09-19 at 07:55 -0600, Greg Grotsky wrote:
> > I get this same stuff with my recent SVN last night (7272) using DVB
> > on HD-3000. Kernel version: <>. LiveTV works the 
> first time but
> > exiting and reentering LiveTV or changing channels is very risky.
> I'm working on a comprehensive solution to the tuning problem.
> Fixing the current code is a losing battle. The code was originally
> written when tuning was atomic, i.e. with the bttv framegrabber cards.
> Then less atomic tuning processes were added little by little, with
> the current tuning process involving multiple threads being the result.
> I'm removing tuning from the mainserver thread and removing the separate
> tuning thread for the DTV cards and removing RingBuffer pausing. All of
> the tuning will be done in a HandleTuning() function called by RunTV(),
> so it will all be handled in the TVRec event thread. But this will take
> at least a few days as it is a fairly radical change. The upshot will be
> a much simpler, if not actually simple, process which can be debugged
> more easily.
> -- Daniel
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