[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] Re: Ticket #255: Improved scheduling of consecutive programs with pre-roll/overrecord

Martin Ebourne lists at ebourne.me.uk
Sat Sep 17 20:52:14 UTC 2005

On Fri, 16 Sep 2005 14:41:19 -0700, Bruce Markey wrote:
> MythTV wrote:
>>  0) [Default] Apply unless it would create a conflict, require the use
>>  of an additional tuner card, or require MythTV to record an earlier or
>>  later showing. In other words, ignore pre-roll and overrecord unless
>>  they can be honoured without affecting anything else. This is MythTV's
>>  current behavior.
>>  1) Apply unless it would create a conflict or require the use of an
>>  idle tuner. MythTV will, however, select an earlier/later showing if
>>  this enables it to honour the OverTime settings.
>>  2) Apply unless it would create a conflict. MythTV will, however,
>>  assign programs to idle tuner cards or record earlier/later showings if
>>  this is necessary to capture the pre-roll/overrecord. [IMHO this should
>>  be MythTV's new default behaviour.]
>>  3) Apply always. This turns OverTime into a hard setting, which MythTV
>>  will always obey even if this means creating a conflict.
> <...>
> Option 1 and 2 could be made available for people who want them but I
> won't recommend them and would ask that these be turned off before
> answering any questions about odd scheduler behavior.

I've wanted mythtv to do option 2 for ages. Any channel seems prone to
running a few minutes late, and there's nothing more annoying than missing
the last few minutes of a program. Hence I want myth to record a few extra
minutes for all programs at any cost - except for causing a conflict and
failing to record a program, which would obviously be stupid. Recording a
program at a different time is fine though - I have very little concept
when the programs I watch are on. They just turn up in the list & I watch
them. Most of my recordings are 'any channel any time', and use duplicate
detection to make it work.

> I usually have 3 (up
> to 5) tuners available. 1 and 2 are better cards and have a higher input
> preference. Analog is available on all five card but digital cable is only
> on card 2 (and 4 but it's never needed). If back to back recordings are
> moved it may move an analog show from 1 to 2 causing an overlap with a
> lower priority digital show. Moving back to back recordings to other cards
> would push things onto less preferred cards or would "L"ater shows for a
> day or two. This for the sake of a few extra seconds that I specifically
> intended to not be mandatory.

In my setup I have 2-3 DVB cards which all have the same lineup and the
same quality. I have a global 1 minute pre and 10 minute post record set.
I get annoyed when I miss the end of a show when an idle card could have
recorded those extra minutes.

I appreciate that there are reasons why it works like it does, but there's
equally valid reasons why options 1 or 2 should be available, and no end
of people on the lists saying they want one or the other. The usual
response of set per schedule pre and post is no good because that can
cause conflicts and prevent shows being recorded, which almost nobody
wants. At the moment there is no way of emulating options 1 or 2, but I
think there needs to be.

I think it quite reasonable that options 1 or 2 not bump a show onto a
card with a lower input preference, but that wouldn't make any odds for me
because they're all at the same level.

As to your comment of requiring options 1 & 2 to be turned off with odd
scheduler behaviour, I don't see the reason for that either. Whatever
scheduling rules are in place they should be well defined, and therefore
it should be possible to work out if they performed correctly or not.

I think Max Berry's patch including the above options is the best solution
proposed yet that will make (nearly?) everyone happy.



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